Vital signs monitoring device

Edan’s iM3s Vital Signs Monitor is a powerful hand-held scanner for clinical professionals to scan, assess, and communicate patient data directly into the practice information system via Wi-Fi. The built-in barcode scanner acquires patient records instantly, thus saving time and eliminating errors. The iM3s Vital Signs Monitor provides 20 different readings of the patient’s health, including their temperature, blood pressure, pulse, SpO2, and Spo2 Wave. The one-key infrared scanner provides quick and accurate readings of the patient’s temperature on the spot and sends the data to the patient’s file without any transcribing by the care provider.
The monitor possesses a tightly constructed assembly that is resistant to liquid intrusion and feels solid and sturdy in the user’s hand. Edan focused on quality for the materials and usability elements to provide a high-value impression that users will value and be proud to use every day. The product is easily docked and charged within 5 hours in the sturdy charging unit, which supports a thermal printer and USB port. The charging unit can be placed on a tabletop, wall-mounted, or on a simple cart. The iM3S will operate for 4 hours on a single charge, supporting multiple patient examinations for the health care provider.


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