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diagnostic ultrasound units for physical medicine practices

Azon Medical provides top-of-the-line ultrasound equipment to assist medical professionals deliver diagnostic services and ultrasound guided injections. 

Strike the perfect balance between quality equipment that allows you to deliver stellar service and a price point that makes sense. 

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  • What options are available in terms of ultrasound equipment?

    Azon Medical has, in stock, ultrasound machines for practices of all budgets. This is the latest technology and equipment for your physical medicine practice. Inquire about the applications and equipment options to suit your practice needs (including portable ultrasound units).

  • How does ultrasound imaging support a medical practice?

    Most musculoskeletal problems seen in practice are chronic in nature. The optimal solution to these problems is often multifactorial-- and starts with identifying the precise problem. Ultrasound when used as a diagnostic tool can help the provider to identify the exact problem. And ultrasound guided injections (trigger point, Human cell/tissue therapy, PRP, Sarapin) when included in a program of care can lead to optimal clinical results. Using ultrasound when delivering joint injections is the current, expected standard of care.

  • What issues benefit from ultrasound technology assistance in guided injections?

    Painful joints that haven’t responded to other therapies often respond well to guided injections. It’s up to your practice to determine when a patient is ready for such treatment, but the right ultrasound machine helps you place the injections in the ideal location to maximize healing. Conditions that benefit from ultrasound guidance for therapeutic injections include: * Knee joint pain and Baker’s cysts * Facet joints of the vertebrae * Thumb and wrist pain, specifically trigger finger and carpal tunnel * Hip, including bursitis and piriformis tightness * Ankle, elbow, and big toe pain * Shoulder issues, including rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, and biceps tendon injuries

  • Why is an ultrasound important to guide injections?

    When a doctor is looking to precisely place a therapeutic injection, an ultrasound gives a clear picture of the joint capsule. The machine’s high-frequency sound waves provide visualization of the soft tissue, and the newest models also make nerve tissue and the nerves themselves visible. Bone edges and the inserted needle are clearly recognized on images, so a precise location of the site of injection is clear. When you, as the physician, know that you’ve properly placed the injection, you can effectively evaluate whether the therapy was successful. Guiding injections with ultrasound also provides your patients with some involvement in their own therapy. The ultrasound technician can help the patient see where the injections are being placed and give feedback. With a portable ultrasound unit, you are not limited to hosting the device in just one room, nor one facility.


Azon Medical is committed to helping practices make positive impacts into the lives of their patients and communities with innovative products and supplies. 

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