SARAPIN Injections

SARAPIN®, which acts on the sensory nerves, has been used safely and effectively for pain management by physicians for over 70 years. Unlike Cortisone, which is known to carry some side effects such as elevation of blood pressure and weight gain, SARAPIN® is a biological medicine derived from the pitcher plant that has virtually no known side effects.

It works by stopping pain signals in the nerves of the spine where they exit the spinal column. It does not affect any other nerve or motor functions, nor is it affected by heat or cold. Sarapin is a non-toxic, sterile aqueous solution of soluble salts of the volatile bases from Sarraceniaceae (Pitcher Plant). Benzyl Alcohol 0.75%.
Sarapin is derived from the Pitcher Plant which is also known as Eve’s Cups, Flycatcher, Flytrap, etc. The Pitcher Plant has been used in different medicines to heal constipation, digestion problems, fluid retention, urinary tract and additional conditions.

Sarapin should be stored at room temperature (59°-86°F).
The expiration is set at 1 year past the date of manufacturing.
Non-Returnable item.*

*Ships to ALL states EXCEPT Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, South Carolina and Minnesota


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