Research shows, simply injecting with no other follow up protocols is not always enough to achieve the desired results.

This 2019 study outlines the necessity of a post-regenerative medicine rehabilitation program, and also proposes potential protocols post injection.

“The purpose of this study is to provide a current concept review for the rehabilitative management of knee osteoarthritis (KOA) following regenerative medicine intervention. A proposed comprehensive regenerative rehabilitative program has been created, based on a literature review of the current best practices of rehabilitative methods and non-operative management in KOA patients with an emphasis on the goals of regenerative medicine–to optimize self-healing and functional tissue recovery.

Regenerative medicine promotes regeneration and joint restoration by using blood-based procedures such as platelet rich plasma, stem cell and cell-based or tissue engineering. Regenerative medicine procedures are variable and lack standardization in product preparation, administration, and different treatment protocols. The lack of standardization imposes challenges in regenerative rehabilitation.”

Specifically on the subject of bracing:

Knee bracing has been advocated as an effective device for the management of patients with KOA to achieve proprioceptive changes, muscle activation and pain reduction stemming from joint unloading. It has also been shown that the bracing effectively reduced symptoms of medial compartment KOA in both short-term (6 weeks) and medium-terms (52 weeks)

Bracing is also a beneficial adjunct to those who have undergone orthobiologic intervention–especially in the acute phase/short term to decrease pain, improve ROM and function, and increase muscle activation. See Table 2.

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