Why can’t I just buy a cheap knee sleeve from CVS?

Is an unloader knee brace actually more effective than cheaper alternatives from CVS, Walmart or Walgreens? Study: Comparing an Unloading Knee Brace to a Simple ...
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Why do some braces have two codes? Which code should you be using to bill?

Customized vs. Off The Shelf Codes Why do the braces you purchase have two codes on the sticker and which one should you be using? ...
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What about Joints that are NOT being injected? Should you still use a brace?

  Why Unload a Joint Even if it Hasn’t Been Injected Yet? As recommended by the recently published knee osteoarthritis guidelines, the patient with knee ...
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Have you ever had a patient complain about their knee brace?

Patient’s Should be Happy with Their Brace There are two simple and inexpensive tools which will resolve 90% of patient issues with a knee brace. ...
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Who actually needs a knee brace, and who does not?

Are Age and OA Stage a Valid Parameter? ​The short answer: No. So who qualifies for an unloading knee brace? Patients with varus or valgus ...
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Prescribing a Back Brace as Part of Your Rehab Program

Many chiropractic and physical medicine clinics are incorporating an LSO back brace with their plans for treatment. But why do this? The short answer: To ...
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