How does this relate to Back Bracing?

There are multiple reasons clinics are incorporating LSO back braces into care plans for patients with low back problems.  One major reason is to assist a patient with managing their pain at home during the duration of care– and to decrease the dependence on Tylenol or Advil.  Patients who are given an effective tool for pain management by their doctor are less likely to seek out a harmful solution to provide them with relief.  More than 191 million opioid prescriptions were dispensed to American patients in 2017. 66% of these prescriptions were for conditions often associated with pain (most commonly, back pain).A study conducted in 2015 showed that the #1 source for misused pain relievers was obtainment from a friend or relative. The vast majority of which were provided to the user for free, or taken without permission.57% of these individuals using pain killers without a prescription were first time users.Providing a low back pain patient with an LSO brace in many cases will curb the patient’s pain enough to steer them clear of pain relievers while you work to correct the underlying issue.  So, how does a back brace relieve pain so effectively? The pulley system included within an LSO back brace creates a resistive force on low back load to decrease such load, allowing the muscles to relax and the trunk to be supported.While it is of top priority to identify and correct the underlying issue causing a patient’s pain, it cannot be overlooked that the demand for pain relief in today’s society is higher than ever. When a patient comes into an office for help with their pain, this is an opportunity to not only fix them– but to steer them away from possibly dangerous medications in the meantime.

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