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Azon Medical supplies your office with orthopedic braces for various joint issues from which your patients suffer.  We are proud to service practices from nearly every state.  We offer specific training on the proper use and fitting of our braces so that you’re compliant with insurance and Medicare requirements.

As an integrative medical practitioner, take advantage of the benefits that bracing and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provide your patients, not to mention the return it will bring to your practice.

An essential component of every successful physical medicine practice is a bracing/DME program. add bracing as a core component of your joint renewal & rehabilitation program to maximize patient results.

Here are some of the top questions about implementing a bracing/DME program into an existing practice.

How can bracing help my patients?

With bracing, you can offer your patients a critical tool in their recovery processes. Braces restrict the range of movement in joints that are unstable, due to injury or bio-mechanical design.

Bracing is essential in patients’ recovery from knee pain, too. Braces improve the stability of the knee joint, so a patient can stay mobile even while they’re healing. Research shows that bracing reduces pain levels and other symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

Joints injured from a sports event or overuse experience accelerated healing when braced. Bracing also reduces the risk of reinjury and the compensatory pain caused when an injury affects a patient’s gait.

What types of braces are available?

Azon Medical sells a variety of braces to help your patients deal with a number of orthopedic issues, including:

Azon secures great wholesale pricing for your practice and can provide discounts for bulk orders due to our volume buying power.

How do patients with osteoarthritis benefit from bracing?

For people suffering from osteoarthritis, bracing minimizes pain and increases stability by shifting weight away from the damaged part of a joint. As a result, these patients can remain active, which actually helps their condition. Patients report feeling more confident in performing daily activities when fitted with a brace.

Certain types of braces also offer compression, which helps with swelling, associated injury, or arthritis. If a full brace puts too much pressure on a patient’s joints, Azon Medical also offers braces with cutout areas to reduce pressure on sensitive areas.

What types of braces are best for each patient?

Braces come in different levels of support and many types of materials. Each brace serves a specific medical purpose, and it can be hard to discern which one is right in every scenario. Azon Medical takes the confusion out of bracing by offering extensive training and support in the proper use of braces. This helps you, as a practice, navigate insurance coverage for braces and give your patient the most valuable healing experience.


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What Sets Our SPORT PRP Tubes Apart?

  1. Monocyte Capture for Enhanced Recovery: Our tubes are adept at capturing monocyte cells, which play a crucial role in eradicating cell waste, bacteria, and inflammation. This process is fundamental to a clean and efficient healing environment.
  2. Lymphocyte Stimulation for Collagen Production: Moreover, our tubes are equipped to capture lymphocyte cells that are instrumental in stimulating collagen production. Collagen is essential for the swift recovery and restoration of soft tissues.
  3. Unrivaled Platelet Recovery: Our tubes boast an astounding 95% platelet recovery rate. This, combined with cell waste removal and collagen production, establishes our PRP tubes as the ultimate solution for soft tissue recovery.

Embark on a new era of sports injury treatment and soft tissue recovery with our revolutionary Platelet Rich Plasma Tubes. Experience unmatched healing and get back in the game faster than ever before.


Azon Medical is committed to helping practices make positive impacts into the lives of their patients and communities with innovative products and supplies. 

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