Since 2015, Azon Medical has been delivering products to support providers and their patients in orthopedic and integrated musculoskeletal practices throughout the United States. Azon aims to provide effective products with remarkable training and customer service so that each provider is in a position to achieve the highest patient outcome at a price that works for both the patient and the practice. Azon’s research and development team introduces new products each year in order to keep our clients on the cutting edge of design and application. We are driven by the idea that our success is dependent on the success of our clients and their patients.

Azon carries a complete line of spinal and extremity braces at competitive prices. In addition, we offer diagnostic ultrasound machines that strike a near perfect balance between technology and price for the delivery of ultrasound guided injections. Azon also provides its clients with FDA cleared PRP kits used by medical providers to offer cellular therapies and autologous platelet-rich plasma. Azon’s entire product line includes training in application because our intention is your success in practice.

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Orthopedic Bracing

Knee, Back, Extremity Braces and More

Medical Ultrasound Units

The Latest Ultrasound Technologie

Platelet-rich Plasma Kits

FDA-Cleared PRP Tubes and Kits 


Quickly Gather Patient Vitals

PRP & Lab Centrifuge

Start Delivering PRP Therapies

SARAPIN Injectables

Your Source For Sarapin


Azon Medical is committed to helping practices make positive impacts into the lives of their patients and communities with innovative products and supplies. 

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