Are Age and OA Stage a Valid Parameter?

The short answer: No.

So who qualifies for an unloading knee brace?

Patients with varus or valgus knee OA with clinically relevant knee

pain affecting activities of daily living. Also, patients indicated for

total knee replacement (TKR) who do not yet want a TKR -- or TKR

is contraindicated.

It is especially important to use an unloading knee brace on

patients who meet the above criteria and are receiving an

injection-- whether it be viscosupplementation or a regenerative

medicine injection.

Age and OA stage are not valid parameter to select the right

patients for an unloader brace. Patients of many different ages

and OA stages have the potential to benefit greatly from this type

of brace.

Wearing an unloader brace has also been shown to slow further
degeneration in a joint. It is actually considered most ideal
(whenever possible) to brace a patient before they reach a severe
stage of OA, with the goal of preventing the condition from
progressing to a more severe stage.

To consider an unloader brace medically necessary for a patient,

one of the following criteria would need to apply and be


1. Knee Instability, with an objective description of Joint Laxity

2. Osteoarthritis

3. Knee Pain

4. After Knee Surgery

The reason for Medical Necessity should then be justified with at

least one of the following, and also documented in the notes:

  • X-Ray Showing Osteoarthritis
  • Ligament Instability as per Exam Findings
  • Positive Knee Compression Test
  • Positive Distraction Test
  • Varus/Valgus Mal-alignment
  • Patellofemoral ROM/+/- Apprehension Test
  • Positive Adduction Varus Stress Test
  • Positive Lachman’s Test
  • Positive McMurray's Test
  • Positive abduction valgus stress test
  • Laxity/Tissue instability, ant/post drawer

A patient should begin to feel relief within a 48 hour period if the

brace has been adjusted and fit correctly.

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