Why Unload a Joint Even if it Hasn't Been Injected Yet?

As recommended by the recently published knee osteoarthritis
guidelines, the patient with knee osteoarthritis should increase
activity, reduce weight and increase strength.

For many patients however, their pain prevents them from
becoming more active, thus making weight loss and strength
training more difficult.
Unloader knee braces can provide rapid pain relief enabling
patients to increase their activity levels, thus reduce weight and
build strength.
By reducing the load in the affected compartment, unloader
braces should also protect the affected joint compartment
from mechanical overload which may otherwise result in a faster
progression of the disease.

This reduction in pain then allows for increased activity and thus
increased knee strength.

Unloader braces are designed
to reduce load in the affected
compartment of the knee.

Knee osteoarthritis braces
have been shown to increase
the joint space in the affected
compartment when wearing
the brace, reduce compartmental
load in subjects with
osteoarthritis of the knee
and improve proprioception.

To date, two studies have investigated this topic-- whether an
unloading knee brace would cause the weakening or
strengthening of muscles.Both studies found that muscle
strength about the knee INCREASED with use of osteoarthritis
knee braces.

Studies cited:

Matsuno H, Kadowaki KM, Tsuji H. Generation II knee bracing
for severe medial compartment osteoarthritis of the knee. Arch
Phys Med Rehabil 1997;78(7):745–9.Hurley ST, Hatfield
Murdock GL, Stanish WD, Hubley-Kozey CL. Is there a dose
response for valgus unloader brace usage on knee pain,

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