Study: Including an LSO along with Standard Care results in greater improvement of ODI scores

A recent publication outlines a single blinded, randomized clinical trial for the evaluation of lumbosacral orthoses (LSOs) in the management of lower back pain (LBP)

Patients included in this clinical trial used the LSO brace in addition to the additional treatments outlined in Table 1.

The results were measured by patient's ODI Scores

ODI Score

One of the most common patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) used to quantify disability related to lower back pain is the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI).

The ODI is comprised of 10 questions. The questionnaire asks patients about their ability to manage everyday life and covers intensity of pain, lifting, the ability to care for oneself, ability to walk, the ability to sit, ability to stand, social life, sleep quality, and ability to travel. Answers are then scored on a 0-5 scale, zero meaning no disability.

The final score/index ranges from 0-100. A score of 0-20 reflects minimal disability, 21-40 moderate disability, 41-60 severe disability, 61-80 crippled, and 81-100 bed-bound.

This figure shows the average ODI scores from Baseline to Follow Up for the group who only received standard care (SC) in comparison to the group who received standard care AND an LSO back brace.
The time between baseline and follow up was 14 days.

The study showed that individuals wearing the LSO in addition to receiving standard care had 4.7 times higher odds of achieving success compared to those only receiving standard care.

You can review the full study here:

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