Would Wearing Back Brace Weaken Spinal Muscles?

Although this is something that you hear often, wearing a back​
brace would likely only ever cause weakness if you put the back​
brace on, lie down , and did nothing for long periods of time. In​
fact, if putting a back brace on allows your patient to be up​
walking for longer periods, doing activities that they would not be​
able to do otherwise, this is a positive move towards recovery.​
The main thing that is very important when using/wearing a back​
brace is that the patient is given an EXERCISE PROGRAM for​
strengthening and stretching to do in addition to wearing the​
Keeping the core musculature that supports the spine strong and​
flexible is important whether the patient's back is injured or not​
injured. The exercise program becomes VITAL when wearing a​
back brace.

Benefits of Bracing a Patient with Low Back Pain

Many back injuries or back conditions end up in a revolving circle​
of inflammation and muscle spasm due to an acute injury or a​
chronic condition that flare up. Although the causes of back pain​
are varied, because of the anatomy and function demanded of our​
spinal column, bracing is a good choice for conservative​

When there is back pain (no matter what the cause) the reaction of​
the spinal musculature is to contract into involuntary spasm or​
voluntary contraction of the muscles to protect the injured or​
inflamed joint or soft tissue structure(s). The muscles often go​
into “overdrive” with good intentions of protecting the spine. In​
effect, what happens is the vicious circle of pain and spasm​
There are a number of ways to break that vicious circle:​
physiotherapy (including ice, heat, modalities, stretching,​
strengthening, manual therapy etc.) And, as an external stabilizer:​
a back brace.

Can a Patient Become Addicted to the Brace?

This question brings us back to the importance of maintaining​
core musculature by maintaining an exercise program. If your​
patient does wear the back brace and allow the back brace to do​
ALL the work ALL of the time, then you may be asking for trouble.​
But by incorporating other forms of treatment and therapy into the​
patient's plan for care, which would assist in rehabilitating your
patient, the likeliness of a patient wanting to continue wearing the​
brace would be low since it would no longer be necessary​
for them to comfortably perform their daily functions.
Providing external proprioception

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of proprioception is:

"The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation​
arising from stimuli within the body itself. In humans, these​
stimuli are detected by nerves within the body itself, as well as by​
the semicircular canals of the inner ear."

The back brace provides external proprioception to the person​
wearing the brace allowing them to move, sit, and maintain a​
better posture while recovering from their injury.


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