Patient's Should be Happy with Their Brace

There are two simple and inexpensive tools which will resolve
90% of patient issues with a knee brace.

Suspension Sleeve Wrap: $22
Suspension sleeve wraps may be used over or under a knee
brace. These wraps are stretched around the brace or the
patient's skin to add "grip" to a slipping or shifting brace.

These wraps will also add compression.

If a patient struggles with any of the following, a suspension
sleeve wrap is advised:

-Brace slipping down throughout the day
-Brace rotating or twisting out of place
-Tenderness on the side of their knee against the hinge of the

Under- Sleeve: $22

If a patient is participating in physical activity and sweating
with the brace on-- the brace may have a tendency to chafe. It
is very important to prevent any skin irritation, aggravation or
chafing as it can create a situation where your patient could
become unable to wear the brace for several weeks
(depending on the severity.)

By simply supplying your patient with an under-sleeve to
protect their skin, you can avoid any potential irritation or skin

If your patient meets any of the following, an under-sleeve is

- Redness of skin beneath the brace or straps (an early sign
that chafing may be occurring.)
- Patient's skin chafed, aggravated or broken.
- Patient intends to exercise with the brace on
- Patient's line of work involves any sort of manual labor or
high level of physical activity.
Some examples: Landscaper, Factory Worker, Fire Fighter, etc.

Both the under-sleeve and the suspension sleeve wrap are
billable along with the knee brace under the code L2397.

This Fitting Video shows the use of suspension sleeves along
with fitting a knee brace.

For assistance with your bracing program or to place an order,
contact us at Azon Medical:
Amanda Marier
(484) 883-7327

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