The Use of Unloading Knee Braces in Conjunction with Knee
Injections (Particularly Stem Cell/ Regenerative Medicine

The widespread application of stem cell therapy across the country could
be considered somewhat "new territory" for the field of healthcare.
Phenomenal results are being achieved daily in many areas of regenerative
therapy--treating a variety of physical conditions. A now common use of
regenerative therapy is treatment of osteoarthritic or degenerated joints.

Many clinicians are finding that the high success rate of a stem cell injection
into a joint can be even further improved by several factors--including, but
not limited to--the type of cells being used, the age of the cells being used,
using ultrasound guidance to ensure correct placement and unloading the
joint immediately following the injection with a brace to ensure proper
healing and support.
There are several reasons a clinician would opt to unload a recently
injected joint with a brace. The main reasons stated by clinicians are:

1. To return the joint to it's proper position during the healing process,
ensuring the joint heals correctly.

2. To open up the degenerated compartment of the joint, thus making
space for the regeneration of tissue to occur and allowing the cells to
migrate to the correct location.

3. To keep excessive pressure and excessive inflammation away from
the joint.

Inflammation is necessary for the healing process to occur. By keeping
the pressure and any possible excessive inflammation away from the
joint, the brace will be creating an optimum environment for the stem
cells to be effective.
Dr. David Morris D.C. talks about
why his prescribers use an
unloading knee brace after every
knee injection.
How the unloading hinge on these
kinds of braces is adjusted to
unload the medial OR lateral
compartment with the same brace.
For more information, contact:
Jodi Dastur
(727) 273-7080

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