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Blog Highlights: Temporary Relief: pain medications In the 1990s, a new movement swept through professional medicine that urged providers to[...]
Blog Highlights:Why is the back such a problematic area of the body?More than half of people say they've suffered lower[...]
Blog Highlights:What is Osteoarthritis?Another common complaint from patients, and a close second to back pain is knee pain. Knee pain[...]
Blog Highlights:Knee BracingKnee-joint pain sufferers come to your office for one reason: to find relief and remain active. You have[...]
Blog Highlights:Effective Presentation of Bracing for Your PatientsA doctor would prescribe back or knee bracing to patients for one reason[...]
Blog Highlights:Are Back Braces Good for Back Pain?BACK PAIN!  Studies show that it takes second place in hospitalizations and hospital[...]


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