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The success of your business is enhanced to the degree that your team is able to fully utilize the tools of the practice. When you purchase those tools from Azon we are committed to providing the training necessary for 100% standard implementation-- so that you see both the clinical and business results.

Azon services medical and chiropractic practices across the United States-- offering orthopedic bracing as well as equipment sales (ultrasounds and vital monitoring devices). What sets Azon Medical apart is the level of service. From in person training to video tutorials. We offer guidance on product use as well as the typical administrative procedures that will support your use of our products. The delivery of Azon service and supplies has one goal-- patient results that improve the bottom line of your business.

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Our Medical Equipment

Click this button to request the Azon Medical Equipment catalog which includes ultrasound, vitals monitoring devices and centrifuge.

Our DME Products

Azon Medical Supplies offers a wide array of braces including back, knee and more. The braces offered are constructed in order to have a universal fit, strong support, as well highly breathable and lightweight material to allow for maximum comfort and use.


Azon supplies hundreds of physical medicine practices (orthopedic, chiropractic, pain management, multi-discipline, physical therapy). Our clients benefit from Azon's superior service and competitive pricing. Behind that are years of networking to develop strong contacts in the manufacturing world to ensure Azon has access to the materials needed to deliver on our promise to you. 


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